2nd week: Maikel Nabil

Maikel Nabil was arrested because of criticising the army´s role during anti-governments protests. I think this is a huge mistake (to arrest him) because he is only expressing what he feels, and in a country with democracy, it doesn´t look right.  I think that expressing what you feel is a thing that every human should have the right to do. Even though he chose blogging as help to express his feelings, there are tons of other ways to express our feelings, and there are also many things in which people can get inspired to express these.

Freedom of speech is very important for every human being. Freedomof speech gives us the right to express what we feel. Expressing what we feel is art, and art is all around us. If you don´t know the importance of art… Just imagine what our life would be without art? (music, paintings, dance, poetry)

I think that it is very unfair to arrest a person just because of saying what they think. I think that people can disagree with people in what they feel, but I think that it is a huge mistake to arrest him, because it is really contradicting for the country, because if the country has freedom of speech, they are practically taking away his freedom.

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